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Strange Games
Quiet Shinobi Do Not Need Dens To Hide...
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9th-Apr-2006 10:27 pm - MOVING!
I've moved my journal to:

MitsukiShiroi (http://mitsukishiroi.livejournal.com/) since I liked the name better and it fitted with my author name on fanfiction.net!

Add me please ^^?
4th-Mar-2006 09:47 am - Naruto Fanfic Recommendation List
Hi guys ^^,

I was thinking of making a recommendation list for fanfictions, since there are a lot of fanfictions on the net which are completely horrible -_-; So, here's my idea! Comment on this entry with the fanfictions you think are appropriate for the list and I'll put them up ^^ It doesn't matter which genre it is, or couple, just put them up! (but do give the link of the fic, please?)

Naruto Fanfic RecommendationCollapse )

As you can see, we're in dire need of more good fanfictions ^__^! Please do help with this!
28th-Feb-2006 08:25 pm - Friends Only

Sorry, Friends Only, because I want to know who is reading this journal ^__^

Comment & Friend me to be added
7th-Feb-2006 04:22 pm - Akatsuki Rating
I made my first community! Join, join!

Akatsuki Rating Community

Be sure to rate me first XD!
30th-Jan-2006 03:15 pm - Selling Manga's
Err, yah, I'm very, very poor -_-; So I'm selling a few of my manga. They are 9 euros each + 5 euros for shipping ^_^ [that's a good price, considering I bought them for around 15 euros here >>]

Manga's I'm selling:

- Onegai Teacher 2 [SOLD]
- Mars: Horse with no Name
- Battle Royale 2
- Battle Royale 3
- Battle Royale 4
- Eerie Queerie // Ghost 2
- Gravitation 1
- Gravitation 2
- Gravitation 3
- Gravitation 4

They are all in excellent state ^_^ Please help a very poor girl out here =(?
2nd-Dec-2005 08:26 pm - Quickie update.
Yeah, I promised Blackbloodedkunoichi at ff.net to make a one-shot ItaSaku fiction, with a lemon. So here it is (I seperated the lemon from the real chapter);

Title: Venomous Poison
Series: Naruto
Chapter rating: M
Chapter summary: [OneShot][ItaSaku][AU] When an ordinary girl from Tokyo goes to work, she meets a great guy who seems to have it all; looks, intelligents and he's cunning. He takes her out for the night of her life, but also seems to be hiding a terrible secret...

Venomous PoisonCollapse )

And the extra chapter o_O Erhm, remember it's my first lemon, and I got slightly embarrassed during the last scenes hehe. It really sucks, I know, but you can read it if you really want to. It's NOT an essential part of the plot, you'd know what they've been doing with or without this chapter. I strongly advise only people of 16+ to read this too. Even if it isn't THAT graphical, I don't want to get sued or anything haha XD.

Venomous Poison ExtraCollapse )
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